Phillips Horse
Drawn Funeral

Our horse drawn funeral carriage services are available anywhere


A Little About Phillips Horse Drawn Funeral Service

Our horse drawn funeral carriage services are available anywhere up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida Have your funeral director contact us for availability before the funeral time is scheduled or contact Mr. Phillips directly and will contact your Funeral Director Please provide logistic information to determine feasibility and rates.

The funeral home to church
The funeral home to the cemetery
The church to the cemetery
The cemetery entrance to the grave site

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What makes Phillips company unique?

There is no better company than Phillips Horse Drawn Funeral Service.
Mr. Phillips truly cares about his customers, and he takes pride in his service. Mr. Phillips personally handcrafted this carriage to help people feel loved and valued on a very difficult day. His carriage is nothing short of impeccable and seeing is believing.

Featuring a Handmade Traditional Carriage
Your loved one will be safely transported to their final resting place in this one-of-a-kind horse drawn carriage.

Gorgeous Cast Iron Rear Doors
This carriage offers beautiful hand-crafted details such as the extraordinary cast-iron rear-loading black and gold doors, and the proper plume feathers displayed on all corners of the carriage.

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