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Privacy Policy

Right to Privacy of Data Subjects

In order to improve the privacy and security of an individual's personal data, the GDPR will give them more control over how we manage their data. As per the GDPR, we have reviewed and enhanced our procedures to be able to delete, rectify, transfer, access, or restrict data processing in response to requests for deletion, rectification, transfer, or access. By doing this, we shall be able to facilitate enhanced rights such as:
• Managing access requests from data subjects
• The portability of data and rectification of errors
• In the case of personal data, the retention periods should be applied, and the data should be wiped securely
We will comply with the regulations if, by chance, there is a data breach, rectification will be done, the ICO will be notified, and where appropriate, the data subject will be notified.

How Do We Collect Personal Data?

You may voluntarily provide basic personal information when you place an order, fill out a form on our website, send us an electronic mail, or communicate with us in other ways.
Please note that this data collection may vary depending on the nature of your relationship with us.
• Date of birth;
• Title of the position;
• Company name;
• Address for business;
• Address of business email;
• Contact information;
• Profiles on social media sites;
• Details of payment;
• Qualifications and CV (only for crew members and freelancers);
• Employees, crew, and freelancers only;
• The passport number must be provided by all employees, crew members, and freelancers;
The company generally does not collect sensitive personal information (for example, racial or ethnic background, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership; health and sexual orientation; genetics, or biometrics), and if we do, we will ask you for your explicit consent before collecting that information. A secure system will collect, store, access, and process this information.

Our Data Use Policy

The data you submit will be used only for the purpose you indicate when you submit the data or as described under this privacy statement.
The following are some ways we use your personal information:
• Keeping our service records up-to-date and enhanced
• Based on your use of our event services and equipment, we will compile data concerning your use of these services and recommend services that may interest you.
• This is done to make sure the website's content is presented in the most efficient way possible for your computer or mobile device.
• We will use the information we collect from you to comply with our obligations under any contracts we may enter into with you.
• Unless you have consented, we will only contact you electronically. After providing your information on this website (or elsewhere as applicable), you may opt-in or out of such notices by following the instructions in the relevant forms.
• To help us contact you with the most relevant information and in the most appropriate manner, we may analyze your data to create a profile of your interests and preferences.

You Consent to The Disclosure of Your Information

In the event management and other related services, your contract with us, and we won't give away any of your data without your permission or in accordance with this privacy policy.
Occasionally, we may need to engage other organizations to perform certain data processing activities on our behalf in order to deliver our products and services to you. Payment processors, delivery companies, fraud prevention firms, and credit risk management firms are examples of these businesses.
No data about you will ever be sold to a third party for marketing purposes.

Analytics by Google

The Google Analytics software we use when someone visits our website records average internet log material as well as specifics of visitor behavior patterns. The data collected allows us to determine how many people visit the website's various pages.
In this case, no individual is identified as a result of the processing of the information. We do not track visitors to our website, and Google is not allowed to track them. Google Analytics has published a GDPR compliance notice that provides more information.